JULY update

I hear I have taken some liberties with the language, and to be correct our title should be Gleann a’ Phúca ….. so there will be some revisions… :)

GOOD news – The exhibitions will run for an extra week …until 7th July at all venues…. catch it while you can :)

Annie Mar & Aaron Ross present their proposal Spoon and Bloom at The Atrium, City Hall

Nose to Window view of the Launch of Gleann a’ Phúca at the Atrium City, Hall

Macken & Magner present their proposal Bold Boys and Bold Girls at the Atrium, City Hall

Bold boy and Bold girl presenting :)

The piper, Brian Leach plays his composition from The Hatch transposed to the lovely echo chamber of the Atrium… sorry not to have video of this one …. we can use the imagination for now… more to follow

Ann Dalton presents her proposal, FuaimMná at The Frank O’Connor Library, Mayfield

JUNE update

We met with Ellie O’Byrne for a Tripe and Drisheen podcast from the Glen

Podcast with TRIPE & DRISHEEN here

First Comments one each from Blackpool, Mayfield Libraries and The Atrium, City Hall

Atrium, Blackpool and Mayfield first comments <3

The Exhibition is up and running in Blackpool

thanks to Martin Byrne for your expertise and kind help and enthusiasm – a pleasure <3
levels of the Glen

MAY update

teaser…piper at the well

Six Expressions have been selected for development into proposals for Gleann a’ Phúca – see more about the selected artists by selecting the Six Proposals menu above :)

Warm regards and big thanks to all the artists who submitted – the panel agreed that the overall calibre of the expressions was very high. We had some wonderful meanderings in our endeavours and deliberations to ensure representation across the spectrum of art practices and approaches to the brief, it was a pleasure and a privilege to hear from all of them.

Further Exhibition venues have been secured and we now aim to be showing the Gleann a’ Phúca proposals throughout the summer and into Heritage week – please see the Exhibitions & Interactions menu above for information as it arises.


Saturday 26th March 11 am meet by ‘The Snake’ Ying//Yang mosaic sculpture by the yellow bridges

Update : A pair of buzzards watched over us out of the blue sky this morning – thanks to all who came for a very enjoyable (scr)amble through the Glen :) – do get in touch if you have more questions


2.30 pm on Saturday 9th April Julie Forrester will be giving a talk and reading from her blog about The Glen, at Mayfield Library as part of the Lifelong Learning Festival


Julie’s slides from the webinar https://vimeo.com/691617180

(Gerard O’Brien has corrected me in that the image of “the Glen distillery’ in my slideshow is actually one from close by at Kilnap (Shandon) and from Victorian times. The distilleries in the Glen valley were from earlier times and the remaining roofs can be seen if one has a keen eye in the Gouldings Plant photograph … suffice to say that mills in the Glen changed production throughout their careers :) malt, linen cloth, steel, corn …)

Julie’s Glen Blog here: https://glen2creek.com/

Julie’s mapping of the Glen Project

Julie’s Miro Map Please zoom in to access sound and visuals – (ongoing and in progress) here https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOYVNdrM=/

The Glen River Park on Google Maps

Gleann na Phúca is an Art project that invites responses to the Glen River Park

At one time known as “Glen of the Spooks”, the project takes the name Gleann a’ Phúca as a term for engagement with The Glen River Park. The project aims to respond to the ecological, cultural, industrial, and historical heritage that hovers still within this ancient glacial valley and contemporary urban park on the North East side of Cork City.

The project is aspirational and does not aim to produce actual artworks in this phase.

CALL OUT for Expressions of Interest

Artists from any discipline are invited to consider site-specific responses in any art form to the Glen River Park. The spirit of the project is for propositions, which will reveal themselves subtly to Glen Park walkers; which will inspire curiosity and wonder without interrupting the natural beauty of the park. Collaborative, performative, participatory responses, as well as those with a material or virtual element, are all welcome. This is a visionary project, and we welcome imaginative propositions.


The Glen River Park has a rich cultural, historical and industrial heritage and is an urban wetland of significant bio-diversity

On Wednesday 23 March 7- 8 pm there will be an introductory Webinar

Speakers will include:

Gerard O’Brien Gouldings Glen native, writer and historian

Maeve Fleischmann Gouldings Glen native & daughter of the celebrated musicologist and composer, Aloys Fleischmann

Catherine Seale-Duggan Community Water Officer, Local Authority Water Programme

Jo Goodyear Botanist and Herbalist

John Baker Community Activist and Eco Consultant

Julie Forrester Artist/Curator Gleann a’ Phúca Project Initiator

In attendance will be Gleann na Phúca Project Partners

Elaine Coakley Studio Director, Backwater Artists Group

Aoibhie McCarthy Artistic Director, Sample-Studios

The Webinar has Sold Out on Eventbrite

Curious applicants may wish to request membership to the Friends of The Glen (Cork City) Facebook Group here:


The Deadline for Expressions of Interest is

1 April 2022 at 6pm
Please make your Expression of Interest on the application form below (or on request from gleannnaphuca@gmail.com)

application formDownload


Six propositions will be selected from the Expressions of Interest by a panel comprising:

Julie Forrester Artist/Curator, Gleann Na Phúca Project Initiator

Carol-Anne Connolly Artist

Danny McCarthy Artist

Sarah O’Flaherty Artist

Gerard O’Brien Writer and Historian

David Dobz O’Brien Artist/Production Manager, The National Sculpture Factory

Elaine Coakley Artist/Studio Director, Backwater Artists Group

Aoibhie McCarthy Artistic Director, Sample-Studios

and 1 more tbc


The six selected artists/propositions will receive a fee of €500 for research and development of their ideas.

Expanded propositions will be sent electronically to the Gleann na Phúca team

at gleannnaphuca@gmail.com

by the deadline of 27 May 2022


All six artists’ propositions will be printed and mounted for public display in Mayfield and Blackrock libraries and at the Atrium, City Hall, Cork 17th June – 1 July. There will also be an expectation and opportunity for artists to engage with the public at one or more of these events and/or during a programmed walking tour in the park.


After the period of public consultation, the propositions will be reviewed by the selection panel and, pending panel decisions, one or more may be presented for further funding, for potential realisation in 2023.

This is a visionary project and there is no guarantee that any of the selected propositions will be realised.

Artists’ fees should cover all of artists’ costs.
There is no budget for any travel expenses or materials.

Gleann a’ Phúca is supported by a Cork City Council Project Award

Printing for The Gleann a’ Phúca exhibition at the Atrium, City Hall has been sponsored by Cork City Heritage Office

Exhibitions have been supported locally by Blackpool Credit Union and First South Credit Union Dillon’s Cross


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